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  1. How to make a Metal outline 3D text effect

    Posted by crush423k on Jan 17, 2011

    This tutorial is super cool ,if you want your text encased in a beautiful glossy metal outline ,come and check it out :) and if you enjoy or find something else you are fond of come bookmark (Ctrl+d) and check back at for more content.

  2. Quick and Easy Zoom Effect

    Posted by xmath on Jan 11, 2011

    In this tutorial you’ll create the effect of having zoomed in on a portion of a screenshot to emphasize something in that area.

  3. How to Retouch a photo (the fast way)

    Posted by crush423k on Jan 3, 2011

    This tutorial teaches you how to retouch a photo the fast way . More time spent with the methods given yields much better results . :) enjoy and book mark if this helps you.

  4. 2010 Review - 11 Best tutorials for learning Gimp

    Posted by mckayc on Jan 3, 2011

    This is a compilation of 11 tutorials that can help someone who is trying to master the Gimp.

  5. 9 Web Layout Tutorials For The Gimp

    Posted by mikethedj4 on Dec 3, 2010

    A list of 9 essentially good, and decent web layout tutorials, to help you become a better web designer.

  6. Web Templates vs Web Layouts The Difference

    Posted by mikethedj4 on Dec 3, 2010

    Some people think web layouts, and web templates are the same when their surly different. In this short article were going to talk about the difference between one another.

  7. Attack of the Clones!

    Posted by xmath on Sep 5, 2010

    Create a picture in which the same person appears in two different places!

  8. The Catch

    Posted by xmath on Aug 16, 2010

    Take the action out of the box!

  9. Removing a Background with Gimp and the Quick Mask

    Posted by bobalandi on Aug 14, 2010

    So gimp contains a useful tool, the quick mask too which you can use to remove backgrounds real easily, so I'm going to show you how to use it right now.

  10. Create a Harry Potter Style Text Effect with Gimp

    Posted by Siddharth on Jun 23, 2010

    Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, you must have seen the title of the famous Harry Potter movies and loved the text effect. In this tutorial you will learn how to create the stunning Harry Potter style text effect with the GIMP.

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