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  1. Create a Fiery Space Explosion

    Posted by sglider12 on Sep 1, 2008

    How to create a fiery space explosion in Gimp.

  2. Cloning in Gimp - advanced photo manipulation

    Posted by blackmoondev on Aug 28, 2008

    Tutorial showing how to use Clone Brush to manipulate the photo.

  3. Create a Worn Vintage Pop Art Design

    Posted by sglider12 on Aug 12, 2008

    Create a worn vintage pop art design in Gimp.

  4. How To Make Faux 3d Landscapes (pt.2)

    Posted by BryanKnowles on Jul 29, 2008

    The sequel to pt.1, coloring!

  5. How To Make Faux 3d Landscapes (pt.1)

    Posted by BryanKnowles on Jul 28, 2008

    Ok, for this lesson we're gonna need to two main layers, the rocky lands above the water-level, and the smooth out version for the under-water abyss, neatly lined out with a grid like pattern...

  6. What's new in GIMP 2.6?

    Posted by kasrak on Jul 19, 2008

    See some of the new features of the upcoming GIMP release.

  7. Make a Rubber Ducky Vector Poster

    Posted by sglider12 on Jul 16, 2008

    Alright, so today I'm going to teach you all how to make a vector poster like my rubber ducky poster, titled "Kicking Ass and Taking Names."

  8. Useful Things to Do With Paths

    Posted by pavorojo on Jun 24, 2008

    A couple of quick hints on how you can use paths to save yourself some headaches.

  9. See Stars by Editing Your Brushes

    Posted by pavorojo on Jun 20, 2008

    Here are some tips you can uses to tweak your brushes and get the most out of them.

  10. Changing the Colors of Pattern Using Gimp

    Posted by pavorojo on Jun 17, 2008

    Learn how to retouch patterns or backgrounds so that they fit your needs. Two methods are covered

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