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  1. Crazy Vector Wallpaper!

    Posted by panda on May 22, 2008

    Ever seen those sleek, scanline wallpapers with intricate swirls and bold shapes? You, too, can create one! Yes, you.

  2. Roughed Borders & Lines

    Posted by TheJM on May 9, 2008

    Tutorial on fun line styles. It started as roughed up borders and ended up as a little more than that.

  3. Caution Tape/Scanline Background Effect

    Posted by panda on Apr 30, 2008

    Quick steps for making a caution tape or scanline background with applications.

  4. Make Grunge-Vector Style Art

    Posted by sglider12 on Apr 20, 2008

    How to make grunge-vector style art in Gimp.

  5. Painting Realistic Clouds

    Posted by panda on Apr 14, 2008

    Paint realistic clouds!

  6. Seven Principles of Icon Design

    Posted by kasrak on Apr 12, 2008

    Not a GIMP-specific tutorial, but a great read for anyone that's interested in icon design. Also has links to other interesting articles about icon design.

  7. GIMP Tips Video Tutorial

    Posted by kasrak on Mar 15, 2008

    A nice video that demonstrates the select tool, layer masking and blending, and few other GIMP tips.

  8. Smileys with The Gimp

    Posted by david on Mar 8, 2008

    Learn how to make smileys with the GIMP, it's easy and fun!

  9. Blog Design Tutorial

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 17, 2008

    Learn the basics of creating a nice-looking blog design mockup in the GIMP.

  10. Turn a digital photo into Polaroid with GIMP

    Posted by nicubunu on Feb 14, 2008

    A tutorial about creating a Polaroid effect from a digital photo involving basic operations like layer and canvas management, drop shadows, selection move and rotation, and distort filters.

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