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  1. Draw a Halloween Poster (Part 2 of 2)

    Posted by hulldo on Oct 16, 2009

    This is the second part of a two part tutorial showing you how to design your own spooky Halloween poster.

  2. Draw a Halloween Poster (Part 1 of 2)

    Posted by hulldo on Oct 11, 2009

    Follow the first of two videos showing you how to create a spooky Halloween poster.

  3. Draw Lined Paper

    Posted by hulldo on Sep 24, 2009

    Drawing lined paper using The GIMP has never been so easy!

  4. Create a Sticker Badge

    Posted by kasrak on Dec 27, 2008

    Learn how to make a Web 2.0-esque sticker badge with the GIMP.

  5. Making a Realistic Letter

    Posted by kasrak on Nov 27, 2008

    Learn how to make a realistic letter from scratch in the Gimp.

  6. Scrabble Tiles Tutorial for The GIMP:

    Posted by chrisgeoguy on Nov 8, 2008

    Who doesn't play Scrabble?

  7. Create an iMac Vector Image in The Gimp

    Posted by simnor on May 31, 2008

    In this tutorial I will show you how to develop a vector iMac in The Gimp

  8. Fun with Light

    Posted by kasrak on Apr 22, 2008

    Learn how to turn on a stock light bulb with the GIMP.

  9. Changing Lipgloss

    Posted by david on Mar 20, 2008

    Change the lipgloss of a person easily! You can change or create a new lipgloss for a guy or girl

  10. Creating an Urban-Style Piece of Artwork

    Posted by kasrak on Mar 20, 2008

    Learn how to take different elements, modify them and put them together to create a composition with an urban style. Adapted from a Photoshop tutorial.

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