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  1. B&W Scan Touch-up

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 11, 2007

    A tutorial that shows you how to touch-up and improve the quality of scanned line-art, such as text and signatures.

  2. Bumpmapping Basics

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 8, 2007

    This tutorial describes a technique widely used to create 3D effects. The general idea is to create a "height-map" for the rendering.

  3. How to Convert Photoshop Brushes to GIMP

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    Most of us at one point have seen a set of Photshop brushes and wished Gimp had some thing like it. Well now you can have it. Alll you need is a little time and when I say little I mean little.

  4. Batch Mode

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    The GIMP comes with a so called batch mode that allows you to do image processing from the command line. It also makes it easy to apply the same set of operations to a number of images. Here are the basics.

  5. Creating Icons

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    A tutorial that teaches you how to create beautiful icons on a tiny canvas. Some useful tips in here!

  6. Tileable Textures

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    Learn about gradients, animated brushes and how to make tileable images as well.

  7. Converting Color Images to Black&White

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    This tutorial examines six different methods of turning a color image into a B/W image. The methods used are the "standard" grayscale conversion, the desaturate operation, decomposing to RGB, HSV, and LAB, and using the Channel Mixer filter.

  8. Creating Custom Brushes

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    Learn how to create your own custom brushes and how to create image pipes in the GIMP.

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