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  1. Enhance colors using HSV components

    Posted by chetanism on May 5, 2009

    This tutorial shows how to enhance colors of a photograph using HSV components.

  2. Put yourself on banner

    Posted by chetanism on Apr 2, 2009

    This tutorial shows how to put a photograph on a hoarding. I have used Daniel Craig's poster, using my photograph would have made it look more fun, but I am not photogenic :D. Nothing complex, just few simple steps.

  3. Create your twin!!

    Posted by chetanism on Feb 12, 2009

    Ever wished to have a twin? Following tutorial demonstrates how you can create a virtual twin. I'll be happy to get your comments!

  4. Fake Fill Flash

    Posted by kasrak on May 19, 2008

    "Today I'm going to teach you a method I use to fake a fill flash. The objective is to lighten the dark areas without blowing out the highlights."

  5. Souping up a Photo

    Posted by kasrak on Apr 3, 2008

    Learn how to add a bit of extra oomph to your photographs!

  6. Retouching a Photo with Radiance

    Posted by david on Mar 16, 2008

    Learn how to retouch a picture and give them a nice radiance. Excellent for photographers who want to give more radiance to their models/family members and so on.

  7. Whitening Teeth

    Posted by kasrak on Oct 12, 2007

    Learn how to whiten teeth in your photographs without making them look unrealistic.

  8. Simple steps to photo touch-up

    Posted by donncha on Aug 13, 2007

    Bring the best out of your portraits with this short illustrated tutorial.

  9. Even Better Healing Without the Magic Tool

    Posted by iainisbald on Jul 9, 2007

    A fast and easy way to 'heal' images without the healing brush.

  10. How to 'heal' photos without the magic tool.

    Posted by iainisbald on Jul 7, 2007

    A good alternative to the 'healing tool'...

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