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  1. Making an image appear scanned

    Posted by bemmu on Jun 23, 2007

    How to add imperfections to an image so that it appears like printed material.

  2. Tone Enhancement

    Posted by kasrak on May 29, 2007

    " This tutorial reduces global contrast in images while increasing local contrast and shadow/highlight detail. Use this to make your images 'pop.' "

  3. Screencast: LAB Color Boost

    Posted by kasrak on Mar 4, 2007

    Learn how to boost the color in your photographs by decomposing them into LAB and playing with the levels.

  4. Luminosity Masking: The Light & Dark Side

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 25, 2007

    This tutorial will show you how to use luminosity masking to recover lost highlight and shadow detail in your photographs.

  5. Basic Photo Retouching

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 17, 2007

    A few pointers on how you can enhance and retouch just about any photo using the GIMP.

  6. Cosmetic Retouching

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 7, 2007

    In this tutorial I'll show you some general techniques for cosmetic retouching. In particular: adjusting skin tone (removing redness), whitening teeth, removing blemishes, removing dark circles under the eyes, removing or smoothing lines and wrinkles and smoothing skin texture (e.g. pores, bumps, etc.)

  7. Soft Focus Portraiture

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 7, 2007

    I'm sure you've seen examples of "soft focus" portraiture, used to lend a soft, slightly hazy, "dreamy" feel to a photograph. In this tutorial I'll show you how to accomplish this easily with the GIMP.

  8. Removing Dark Noise

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 7, 2007

    Learn a fast and effective technique for removing hot pixels (dark current noise) from nighttime and long exposure digital camera images.

  9. Creating a Neutral Density Filter

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 7, 2007

    In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a "digital" neutral density (ND) filter for your image in The GIMP. These filters have the effect of reducing the exposure over part of the image being taken in either a graduated or abruptly graduated (split) way.

  10. Removing Haze

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 7, 2007

    Here's a simple technique you can use to improve (if not eliminate) problem haze of both varieties in your photographs.

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