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  1. Checkerboard Text Using Gimp

    Posted by tstandiford on Dec 31, 2011

    How to use gimp to make checkerboard text

  2. Fantasy brushes that will blow your mind.

    Posted by g0rg0d on Dec 29, 2011

    Let's explore some really powerful and beautiful fantasy brushes out there in this post....

  3. Learn an easy way to create snowy Christmas art

    Posted by g0rg0d on Dec 24, 2011

    In today's tutorial I'm going to introduce you with a fantastic technique with which you can create your own winter holiday (Christmas) artworks and illustrations.

  4. Creating Letter Arts for Meet the GIMP

    Posted by steveczajka on Dec 23, 2011

    Learn how to use your own custom lettering / calligraphy to create any logo you like using GIMP.

  5. Create realistic wall impression painting

    Posted by g0rg0d on Dec 22, 2011

    With this technique we can create pretty realistic old wall impressions or paintings.

  6. Shape Cluster Photo Display Effect

    Posted by davio on Dec 20, 2011

    We'll learn how to display a single photo as a cluster of shapes.

  7. Practical HDR Using Gimp

    Posted by tstandiford on Dec 17, 2011

    This tutorial will show you how to use gimp as a practical HDR photo editor

  8. Create Movie 300 like illustrations in few steps.

    Posted by g0rg0d on Dec 17, 2011

    in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to achieve this Movie 300 effect with pre-made plugins in few steps

  9. How to create Dreamy Effect in gimp for beginners.

    Posted by g0rg0d on Dec 13, 2011

    So today I'll explain you a easy and effective method to produce dreamy effect in your fantasy artwork so that you can represent your fantasy through your art in a more beautiful and fantasizing way.

  10. Create Realistic Balloon Head Mouse.

    Posted by g0rg0d on Dec 10, 2011

    This Tutorial represents a very funny and cool photo-manipulation technique known as "The Balloon Head".

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