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  1. Two-Strip Technicolor

    Posted by turbolax83 on Jun 6, 2011

    Fake old movie's technicolor with this step-by-step tutorial

  2. Stick It To Me: Create an adhesive bandage

    Posted by xmath on May 29, 2011

    In this three-part tutorial you'll learn how to use GIMP to create a realistic looking adhesive bandage.

  3. Image Magnification Effect

    Posted by mikethedj4 on May 20, 2011

    Learn how to create an image magnification effect in Gimp.

  4. Undressed a Giraffe in GIMP

    Posted by fossgrafis on May 16, 2011

    Today tutorial will cover how to use GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program for undressing a Giraffe. Smudge tool is so powerful. Let's cover more.

  5. Create rotated or angled tileable patterns

    Posted by peteryu on May 15, 2011

    Let's say you have a tileable pattern, for example a checkerboard or a weave pattern. Now you want to make a rotated version of it but still keep it tileable. There is a little bit of geometry that you need to know to keep the tile size of the rotated version reasonable. This tutorial explains how to do this.

  6. Age a photo with gimp

    Posted by turbolax83 on Apr 15, 2011

    Give a really old looking to your pictures. Step by step tutorial.

  7. Enhanced Cross Processing

    Posted by turbolax83 on Apr 5, 2011

    My personal version of Cross Processing effect, shadows are more bluish and highlights are more greenish.

  8. How to Make the Old Skype Logo

    Posted by MBehtemam on Apr 4, 2011

    Learn how to create the old Skype logo from scratch using the GIMP.

  9. Silver Spoon

    Posted by xmath on Apr 3, 2011

    Although GIMP has a good filter for easy drop shadow creation, it is good to know how to build your own shadows when you want something just a bit better.

  10. How to Create Your Own Custom Handrawn Avatar

    Posted by compwiztutorials on Mar 28, 2011

    Create your own custom avatar...

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