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  1. How to make a HD icon for iPod touch with Gimp

    Posted by crush423k on Feb 21, 2011

    This tutorial will teach you how to make an High definition retina display ready icon for your iPod touch :) hope you enjoy and sorry to the moderator for my past comments

  2. GIMPing Along is now available as a book!

    Posted by xmath on Feb 11, 2011

    GIMPing Along Vol 1 includes more than 25 GIMP tutorials, how-tos, and tips from my blog.

  3. How to Create a Celebrity Wallpaper

    Posted by mckayc on Feb 9, 2011

    Jimmer Fredette has been a Utah celebrity for a while now, but has slowly worked his way into the national spotlight. I thought it would be fun to show everyone how to use the Gimp to do a Jimmer wallpaper. These concepts can be used for any celebrity wallpaper you may want to do.

  4. Back in the Day

    Posted by xmath on Feb 8, 2011

    Make an image look like it's 70 years old with a vintage effect in this lesson.

  5. Create a Watermark and Place it in a Photo

    Posted by xmath on Feb 5, 2011

    In this two-part exercise, you will learn how to make a simple watermark image and place it in a photo.

  6. Faking Depth of Field with the Gimp

    Posted by mckayc on Feb 4, 2011

    This tutorial will be discussing depth of field and how to create this effect in the Gimp.

  7. Swiss Army Knife

    Posted by mikethedj4 on Feb 1, 2011

    Learn how to create a easy, and simple swiss army knife, with just some gradients.

  8. How to Change Eye Color with Gimp

    Posted by crush423k on Jan 29, 2011

    Learn how to change eye color using the Hue-Saturation dialog with this fast and easy tutorial. wow i didn't write that at all the dbag moderator changed it even though it says "teaser" "catch the reader's attention" bullshit fucking communist ,better have a massive amount of servers :) punk

  9. Create an HDR image with a single photo

    Posted by mckayc on Jan 27, 2011

    HDR photography is done using 3 or more bracketed images. There are some instances though where taking three bracketed photos is not possible; for instance, action shots. In this tutorial I will show you what you can do if you only have one photo to work with.

  10. How to make a Striped Background with Gimp

    Posted by crush423k on Jan 26, 2011

    This tutorial explains how to use the grid filter and a mixture of blending and shadows to make a great looking striped wallpaper with your custom seal :) enjoy and hit the Facebook like button to show your support .

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