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  1. Magnify Effect

    Posted by MBehtemam on Aug 31, 2010

    making Magnify effect

  2. Bubbles brush for GIMP by donGoGo

    Posted by dongogo on Aug 29, 2010

    Brushes made by me

  3. How to create patterns from a single image

    Posted by davio on Aug 29, 2010

    Learn how to create fun and interesting designs and patterns from a single image in Gimp by repeatedly flipping, rotating and mirroring it, and experimenting with different layer blend modes!

  4. How to make a Cosmic Wallpaper

    Posted by scottphotographics on Aug 29, 2010

    This tutorial will hopefully help inspire you to create your own custom wallpapers and produce a great results in the GIMP.

  5. How to Create a Product Box in Gimp

    Posted by davio on Aug 21, 2010

    Do you want to design an attractive box for your product? With Gimp, you can easily create one.

  6. Making a Starry Filter Effect

    Posted by scottphotographics on Aug 20, 2010

    Photographers use Star Filters sometimes to really make the highlights stand out, but if you do not have one you can use GIMP to reproduce the effect.

  7. Polaroid picture collage

    Posted by davio on Aug 16, 2010

    This video tutorial describes how to make a collage of Polaroid pictures

  8. The Catch

    Posted by xmath on Aug 16, 2010

    Take the action out of the box!

  9. Removing a Background with Gimp and the Quick Mask

    Posted by bobalandi on Aug 14, 2010

    So gimp contains a useful tool, the quick mask too which you can use to remove backgrounds real easily, so I'm going to show you how to use it right now.

  10. Water splash and bubble

    Posted by dongogo on Aug 13, 2010

    How to make a water splash and bubbles with GIMP

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