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  1. How to Use Gimp for Beginners Lesson 7 - Paths

    Posted by tstandiford on Nov 24, 2012

    This tutorial will teach you how to use the paths tool.

  2. Colorize a black and white photo using The Gimp

    Posted by mckayc on Nov 21, 2012

    Use the Gimp to colorize a black and white photo.

  3. Easy Watermarking in Gimp 2.8

    Posted by tstandiford on Nov 21, 2012

    This Gimp 2.8 tutorial will teach you how to make a re-usable photography watermark in Gimp 2.8

  4. Getting Around in GIMP - B&W Conversion (Part 1)

    Posted by patdavid on Nov 14, 2012

    First part of a (hopefully) comprehensive tutorial on converting your color images to grayscale (B&W) - covering many different methods, and how to get the most out of the information in your images!

  5. Create Brochures using GIMP Inkscape and Scribus

    Posted by steveczajka on Oct 30, 2012

    Learn how to create brochures using GIMP Inkscape and Scribus. GIMP Magazine Issue 2 will feature a full article on this. Check out the preview and 26 minute video tutorial . . .

  6. Ghost in the Forest

    Posted by xmath on Sep 21, 2012

    By following the steps in this GIMP project you will see how to use layer blending modes and a variety of tools to create the effect of a ghost appearing in the forest.

  7. 2 Steps to Create awesome photos in monochrome

    Posted by tstandiford on Sep 14, 2012

    I answer this question: "Steve asked this question (ask your Gimp related question here.): Hey Alex, first, thanks for your awesome tutorials that showed me the power of layer masks, they really helped me! I was experimenting with black and white photos and I wondered how to create an awesome black and white photo from a colored original. Just desaturating it, in most cases, does not give an satisfying result, the photo just appears “gray” to me. What I want, is a sharp photo full of contrast, but on …

  8. Glass Reflection Effect Tutorial

    Posted by kurtamurta on Sep 10, 2012

    This tutorial will show you how to create glass reflection effect using the GIMP editor.

  9. A Framed Painting

    Posted by xmath on Sep 5, 2012

    In this GIMP project, you will learn how to frame a portion of an image and apply a nice painted effect to that portion while turning the remaining part of the image to black-and-white.

  10. Getting Around in GIMP - Content Aware Fill (Heal)

    Posted by patdavid on Aug 27, 2012

    GIMP has had a "Content Aware Fill" for years before Adobe tried it in Photoshop. Using Resynthesizer and the Heal Selection script to remove objects from your images, and to rebuild textures!

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