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  1. Creating a drop shadow with The Gimp

    Posted by simnor on Sep 2, 2007

    Learn how to use the drop shadow feature in The Gimp

  2. Create web 2.0 style text in The Gimp

    Posted by simnor on Sep 2, 2007

    Create web 2.0 looking text perfect for logos and headers.

  3. Web 2.0 Text logo - Gimp tutorial

    Posted by Gimper on Sep 2, 2007

    Create a web 2.0ish text logo with Gimp, this tutorial is suited for beginners as it goes into step by step detail.

  4. Lithium Brush

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 26, 2007

    A cool brush for the GIMP.

  5. Jigsaw Puzzle

    Posted by nicubunu on Aug 24, 2007

    Break a photo in Jigsaw Puzzle pieces, use a bump map filter so create a 3D look for each piece and after this rotate and shuffle them.

  6. Rain animation with GIMP

    Posted by nicubunu on Aug 17, 2007

    In this tutorial we will fake a rain animation effect using GIMP using noise and motion blur applied on multiple layers.

  7. 2.0ish Button Tutorial for Gimp

    Posted by Gimper on Aug 14, 2007

    Wondering how you make those web 2.0ish button you see every where? well here is how you do it in gimp. learn how to make over 30 different styles.

  8. Vexel Simulation on Photos

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 14, 2007

    "Some of you might know this very cool effect where a person is looking somehow 'vectorized' or fragmented into vector shapes. However GIMP is not the best choice since it is not a vector-program. But I found a cool way to simulate that effect without using vector shapes. Enjoy!"

  9. Simple steps to photo touch-up

    Posted by donncha on Aug 13, 2007

    Bring the best out of your portraits with this short illustrated tutorial.

  10. Creating Denim

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 11, 2007

    Learn how to create an awesome denim texture in the GIMP!

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