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  1. Better Bevels

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 9, 2007

    Learn how to make your own custom bevels that are better than GIMP's default.

  2. 30 "Web 2.0" Gradients

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 7, 2007

    Careful, slippery when wet!

  3. Creating a Web Page Mockup

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 7, 2007

    Learn how to create a basic site design in the GIMP.

  4. How to create Text Outline in Gimp

    Posted by Gimper on Aug 4, 2007

    Learn how to create outline text as well as create custom brushes with this tutorial

  5. Correcting colour tints in photographies

    Posted by rstein on Aug 3, 2007

    In this episode of my video podcast I show how to correct colours in a photography with layers in the GIMP.

  6. New Features in Gimp 2.4

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 3, 2007

    It's almost done! After a pretty long development cycle, the developers of the GIMP will announce the next stable version release in the upcoming weeks. GIMP 2.4 comes with brand new tools, a better user interface and lots of cool other stuff. This list shows you most of the new things you will find in GIMP 2.4.

  7. A ship in the fog -

    Posted by rstein on Jul 30, 2007

    The third video starts a walk through a postprocessing of an image. It covers anylyzing with the histogram and the colour picker, rotating and cropping it following the Rules of Thirds.

  8. How to Paint a Cactus

    Posted by kasrak on Jul 28, 2007

    An in depth guide for creating a digital painting of a cactus.

  9. GIMP Galaxy

    Posted by abduzeedo on Jul 27, 2007

    Inspired by the Mario Galaxy game, this tutorial will show you how to create a pretty colorful design using lighting, smoke and other very nice effects..

  10. "Meet the GIMP!" Epsiode 2: Setting up the GIMP

    Posted by rstein on Jul 26, 2007

    The GIMP is different from other Windows or Macintosh programs and so a bit different to set up. With this video I show how to move the dialogs into the main window, how to set up the tools and which preferences to change.

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