Latest Tutorials

  1. Beginning with Paths

    Posted by kasrak on Dec 28, 2006

    Bezier selection is a powerful tool in The Gimp. The rectangle- and ellipse-selections are not very flexible if you happen to need something more special. And since many of us gimpers don't have a graphics tablet, it's not so easy to make the mouse pointer move the way you want. Bezier selection fixes the problem by using smooth mathematical curves instead your own shaky mouse trail.

  2. Basic Operations

    Posted by kasrak on Dec 28, 2006

    A tutorial covering resizing, compressing, cropping, color modes, flipping and rotating. A must read if you are just starting out with The GIMP.

  3. Add a border around a selection

    Posted by kasrak on Dec 28, 2006

    Since Gimp is an image manipulation program and not a painting program it doesn't include tools to draw shapes like squares and circles. However this doesn't mean you can't paint them, in fact there are some interesting options regarding this subject when it comes to the gimp.

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