Most Popular Submissions

  1. How to Make an Inferno

    Posted by kasrak on Sep 17, 2007

    Learn how to create your own inferno from scratch from the conform and safety of your chair!

  2. A Color Match Method for GIMP

    Posted by kasrak on Oct 6, 2007

    Learn how to use the colors in another picture to modify the colors in your picture (similar to Photoshop's "Match Color").

  3. GIMP FX Foundry

    Posted by kasrak on Nov 19, 2007

    Awesome pack of scripts that will extend the functionality of the GIMP with actions for lomo, orton, inner glow, inner shadow and much more!

  4. Basic Photo Retouching

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 17, 2007

    A few pointers on how you can enhance and retouch just about any photo using the GIMP.

  5. 40 of the Best GIMP Plugins

    Posted by kasrak on Dec 27, 2007

    A list of 40 of the best plugins that are available for the GIMP.

  6. Open Scars, no copy and pasting!

    Posted by BryanKnowles on Jul 30, 2008

    Tired of looking up a picture of a scar on google for something simple...

  7. Water splash and bubble

    Posted by dongogo on Aug 13, 2010

    How to make a water splash and bubbles with GIMP

  8. Cool water text effect

    Posted by chetanism on Feb 12, 2009

    This tutorial shows how to get a water-text effect.

  9. Gimp Brushes

    Posted by xvalid on Feb 8, 2008

    Download over 100 amazing brush sets!

  10. Getting Around in GIMP - Contour Painting a Pinup!

    Posted by patdavid on Nov 2, 2011

    Using Dodge & Burn with overlay layers, but along lines of contours on a subject to create highly stylized images, as well as to help really enhance normal images as well! This tutorial uses a great pinup model shot to show off the technique to non-destructively get this effect and to leave a lot of control over the results.

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