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  1. Create a fake billboard

    Posted by bemmu on Jun 17, 2007

    Dream big without spending a ton of cash on an actual billboard. Your promotion dreams come true, well almost!

  2. Fantasy illustration tutorial

    Posted by blackmoondev on Oct 20, 2008

    In this post I'll show how to create a fantasy illustration in Gimp. We'll design a (rather sexy) fairy.

  3. Adding photo frames to a photo in Gimp

    Posted by simnor on Feb 26, 2008

    Learn how to create a wooden photo frame

  4. Advanced Photo Separation

    Posted by blackmoondev on Jul 1, 2008

    Tutorial about separating objects with hair from the background.

  5. Add a border around a selection

    Posted by kasrak on Dec 28, 2006

    Since Gimp is an image manipulation program and not a painting program it doesn't include tools to draw shapes like squares and circles. However this doesn't mean you can't paint them, in fact there are some interesting options regarding this subject when it comes to the gimp.

  6. How to Convert Photoshop Brushes to GIMP

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 6, 2007

    Most of us at one point have seen a set of Photshop brushes and wished Gimp had some thing like it. Well now you can have it. Alll you need is a little time and when I say little I mean little.

  7. How to Make a Rainy Day Image

    Posted by tstandiford on Mar 19, 2013

    This video tutorial will teach you how to use gimp 2.8 to make the rainy day wallpaper from scratch using layers, layer masks, and a few downloadable brushes.

  8. Wedding Photo Enhancement

    Posted by mckayc on Dec 7, 2010

    Use simple techniques and editing for your wedding photo post processing to bring out the color of your photos and add a nice glow that you see common in wedding photography.

  9. 61 Different Brushes

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 23, 2007

    Further feed your hunger of brushes by getting these packs!

  10. 18 most useful G'mic scripts for beginners.

    Posted by g0rg0d on Nov 1, 2011

    I'm going to enlist some most useful filters from the huge list of G'Mic filters for beginners who cannot grab the whole plugin system directly but want to work with it.

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