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  1. Abstract Brushes

    Posted by xvalid on Mar 11, 2008

    My newest set of Gimp brushes! ENJOY!

  2. GIMP Comet Brushes

    Posted by GimpBrush on Jan 20, 2012

    Awesome space gimp brushes.

  3. How to Install GBR Brush Files

    Posted by crush423k on Dec 28, 2010

    Learn how to put GBR brush files into the right place in Linux and Windows.

  4. How to Create Fire

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 8, 2007

    Wanna give your logos some warm touch for the winter months? These two tutorials show two methods of creating hot flames in the GIMP.

  5. Hearts Brushes by hawksmont

    Posted by hawksmont on Oct 25, 2007

    Big hearts brushes :) perfect for printable designs

  6. How to Tear Up A Photo With Gimp

    Posted by crush423k on Jan 6, 2011

    This tutorial is a photo manipulation one,on how to tear up a photo with gimp :) it comes out really good so check it out :)

  7. Rain animation with GIMP

    Posted by nicubunu on Aug 17, 2007

    In this tutorial we will fake a rain animation effect using GIMP using noise and motion blur applied on multiple layers.

  8. How To Convert Text Into Cool Looking Brush Pipes

    Posted by mahvin on Oct 14, 2009

    Want to make cool and easy effects using text? Just convert the text to "animated" brush pipes. Check out the tutorial for more information...

  9. Put yourself on banner

    Posted by chetanism on Apr 2, 2009

    This tutorial shows how to put a photograph on a hoarding. I have used Daniel Craig's poster, using my photograph would have made it look more fun, but I am not photogenic :D. Nothing complex, just few simple steps.

  10. Vexel Simulation on Photos

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 14, 2007

    "Some of you might know this very cool effect where a person is looking somehow 'vectorized' or fragmented into vector shapes. However GIMP is not the best choice since it is not a vector-program. But I found a cool way to simulate that effect without using vector shapes. Enjoy!"

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