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  1. Creating Old Rusted Paper

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 14, 2007

    A tutorial that teaches you how to create real-looking old, crumpled paper.

  2. Clipping Masks

    Posted by Warfang on Dec 24, 2008

    By far the simplest way to mimic Photoshop's clipping mask function.

  3. Halloween Text

    Posted by hulldo on Oct 7, 2009

    Get ready for Halloween with this very spooky text effect!

  4. Real Life Storybook

    Posted by crush423k on Jan 6, 2011

    This is another great photo manipulation tutorial :) if you want to show off those gimp skills come and learn this ,it was originally a photoshop tutorial but ive remade it with gimp .enjoy

  5. "How To Make Faux 3d Landscape", the Script!

    Posted by BryanKnowles on Jul 28, 2008

    A script-fu version of my ealier posted tutorial, "How To Make Faux 3d Landscapes", links to

  6. Turning people into stone

    Posted by kasrak on Jul 6, 2007

    Learn how to turn the people in photos to stone using the GIMP!

  7. Add a sticker effect to your images

    Posted by simnor on May 28, 2008

    In this simple and quick tutorial I will show you how to produce a sticker like effect to your images

  8. Gimp Abstract Lines

    Posted by GimpBrush on Jan 11, 2012

    Awesome abstract brushes for GIMP

  9. Design a Holiday e-Card

    Posted by sglider12 on Dec 6, 2008

    Today I'm going to teach you how to create a holiday e-card in Gimp that you can email, print off, etc for your friends, family, whoever you want to say "Happy Holidays!" to.

  10. Add a Frosted Glass Caption Bar to a photo

    Posted by Siddharth on Jun 19, 2010

    In this tutorial you will learn to Add a Frosted Glass Caption Bar to a photo with The GIMP

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