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  1. Setting Cartoons on Fire

    Posted by kasrak on Nov 27, 2007

    A cool method for creating flames that come out of your graphics.

  2. Business Card Design

    Posted by hulldo on Oct 1, 2009

    Design your very own business card optimised for web viewing.

  3. Create a Bright Neon Pattern of Repeated Shapes

    Posted by xmath on Jul 31, 2009

    In this tutorial you'll use the Layer Effects plugin to create a bright colorful pattern of repeated shapes.

  4. Expose a Waterfall Using Gimp

    Posted by tstandiford on Jan 2, 2012

    This gimp tutorial will teach you how to use gimp to expose a waterfall using multiple exposures.

  5. Simulating Shallow Depth of Field

    Posted by kasrak on Jan 7, 2007

    Shooting with consumer digicams and their associated small imaging sensors makes it difficult to achieve a shallow depth of field. Sometimes you really want shallow depth of field to isolate a subject against a blurred background.

  6. Create a Postcard in GIMP

    Posted by rosty on Jun 4, 2010

    Start with a plain image and covert it to a more appealing one. Finally decorate it with a nice border and some text.

  7. How To Make a Photo Frame Using Gimp

    Posted by tstandiford on Jan 15, 2012

  8. Halloween Text

    Posted by hulldo on Oct 7, 2009

    Get ready for Halloween with this very spooky text effect!

  9. Even Better Healing Without the Magic Tool

    Posted by iainisbald on Jul 9, 2007

    A fast and easy way to 'heal' images without the healing brush.

  10. Stylish button/banner

    Posted by bulbing on Jan 4, 2009

    Learn how to make a glossy button or banner with the reflexion. Also a video included

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