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  1. 3D Glossy Metal Text

    Posted by monsoonami on Apr 10, 2010

    This video tutorial shows how to create pseudo-3D text with a raised glossy metal border. It also shows how to use a simple pattern to create a fitting background for the text.

  2. Creating a Web Page Mockup

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 7, 2007

    Learn how to create a basic site design in the GIMP.

  3. Photo to realistic pencil sketch

    Posted by chetanism on Feb 12, 2009

    Want to turn your photograph into a pencil sketch? Following tutorial shows how to achieve this. I'll be happy to get your comments!

  4. Make a comic book background from a real photo

    Posted by toomuchcaffiene on Oct 19, 2007

    For when you're too lazy to actually draw a background.

  5. How to Make Mini Cars

    Posted by sglider12 on Dec 7, 2008

    A quick and easy way to make a mini car.

  6. Enhancing the colors of your photos

    Posted by mckayc on Dec 21, 2010

    There are many different ways to enhance the colors of your photos using the Gimp. In this tutorial, I will show you the basic process for color enhancement, then I will show you differences in each method so you can decide which way is best for you.

  7. Getting Around in GIMP - Skin Retouching/Smoothing

    Posted by patdavid on Jan 11, 2012

    For incredible results in retouching and smoothing out skin, there is no method more powerful than the Wavelet Decompose plugin for GIMP. This tutorial will show some samples and walk through a workflow for achieving amazing skin on your portraits.

  8. Chrome Beveled Text Effect

    Posted by monsoonami on May 19, 2010

    This video tutorial shows how to use the Layer Effects script and G'MIC plug-in to create smooth, chrome, beveled text.

  9. Fake Tilt Shift

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 16, 2007

    Learn how to create a fake tilt shift or diorama effect on your photos to make them look like miniature models.

  10. Text along a Path

    Posted by kasrak on Sep 24, 2007

    Learn how to make your text follow a path.

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