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  1. How to create some Smilies for your website

    Posted by kaints on Sep 21, 2008

    With this tutorial you will make some good smilies for your website or forum.

  2. Stamps from Canada Brushes

    Posted by GimpBrush on Jan 9, 2012

    Stamps from Canada Brushes

  3. 3D Cigarette

    Posted by mikethedj4 on Dec 3, 2010

    In about 3 minutes or less you can make an easy, and simple 3D cigarette by viewing this video by mikethedj4.

  4. New Features in Gimp 2.4

    Posted by kasrak on Aug 3, 2007

    It's almost done! After a pretty long development cycle, the developers of the GIMP will announce the next stable version release in the upcoming weeks. GIMP 2.4 comes with brand new tools, a better user interface and lots of cool other stuff. This list shows you most of the new things you will find in GIMP 2.4.

  5. Realistic Clouds

    Posted by mikethedj4 on Dec 3, 2010

    Learn how to create realistic clouds, by rendering difference clouds, using the curves filter, and then a few layer modes.

  6. GIMP Fortune Cookies

    Posted by kasrak on Feb 16, 2007

    A collection of bite-sized GIMP tips on the GIMP website's wiki. A good read for beginners and advanced users alike; you never know, you just mind learn something new!

  7. Roughed Borders & Lines

    Posted by TheJM on May 9, 2008

    Tutorial on fun line styles. It started as roughed up borders and ended up as a little more than that.

  8. The Gate

    Posted by davio on Oct 31, 2010

    Today, we will demonstrate how to combine Gimp’s tools with photo manipulation techniques to create a gate. Let’s get started!

  9. Paths, Selections and Channels

    Posted by kasrak on May 6, 2007

    An in-depth tutorial that covers paths, different types of selects (including quickmask), and channels.

  10. Comparison of Contrast Manipulations

    Posted by kasrak on Jun 2, 2007

    See the different ways you can adjust the contrast of an image with an interactive demo.

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