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Have the bottom page of your website fadeout to give your site a nice good looking feel, strictly done in HTML, and CSS, using Gimp to create the bottom image (gradient to transparent) for the page to fadeout.

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The image above is an example of a simple web layout I made for this tutorial/effect, and the web layout is available for download along with the gimp document, photoshop document, images for the effect, codes, etc: (for more included in the download go to the bottom of this post)

NOTE: For this tutorial save all your images on your desktop, or where ever you save your files for this tutorial make sure their all in the same folder/directory just to make this easier for new users to HTML, and CSS.

Step 1: Making The Fade Image
Now first thing were going to do in order to set this tutorial off is we need to make an image that'll display at the bottom of our web page so lets say out background color is white, we need to create an image that is fading from the color white to completely transparent, and for this effect were going to be using Gimp, you can really use any image editor for this effect, just make sure it supports transparency (specifically a transparent background)

So first open up open Gimp, and make the width 600px and height 200px, then open up the advanced options, and change fill with from background color to transparency .

Now your default colors for your FG (foreground color) you have black, and BG (background color) is set to white, you can flip these colors simply by pressing "X" on your keyboard, cause we need white as our FG color, or you can simply double click your FG color and change it manually, but it's just faster pressing "X".

Now grab your Blend Tool "L" and left click from the bottom to the top of the dashed lines, and btw you can hold "SHIFT" while you're clicking and dragging to make a straight line, just make sure the gradient doesn't go past the top dashed lines, you can keep redoing it until you get a result that you like.

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Now just go to File/Save As and save it as bottom-fade.png (it can really be saved as whatever.png but this is just gonna tell us what it's for)

Step 2: The Stylesheet Now open up a text editor and go to File/Save As and save it as style.css, this is going to tell us that this is the style sheet for our website.

So obviously cause we chose a white gradient for our text to fadeout so were going to have our background be white, now by default it's white, but if you really need/wanna make sure and tell your background to be white you can do so with the following code.

body { background-color:#FFF;}

TIP: If you don't know hexadecimal colors you can head here to use the hex color generator.

So first lets position our bottom page fadeout image.

#bottomfade { position:fixed; left:0px; bottom:0px; width: 100%; height: 200px; z-index: 2; background-color:transparent; background-image:url("bottom-fade.png"); background-repeat:repeat-x; background-position:bottom center;}

The #bottomfade tells us this is the name of our div.

postion:fixed; tells us that when we scroll our fix will follow us when we scroll (meaning it'll stay put, and not move at all which is what we want to do)

left:0px tells us that our div is going to be aligned directly on the left.

bottom:0px tells us that our div is going to be aligned right on the bottom.

width: 100%; tells us that our div is going to fill the whole width of the bottom, so when we put our image down it'll make the text/images fade out, which again is what we want.

height: 200px; Remember we set the height of our bottom-fade.png image to 200px in height, this will let us see the whole image.

z-index: 2; Say we're going to set the z-index of our content div to 1, which is where our content (text/images/etc:) will be so we haft to set our div for our bottom fadeout image to 2 so that it'll display over our content div.

background-image:url("bottom-fade.png"); Now cause we saved our image, and style.css file on our desktop, this is just going to set our bottom fadeout image in our div.

background-repeat:repeat-x; this simply repeats the background image we made so it just don't display at 1 spot, and this will make everything fadeout on the bottom when being scrolled down. (TIP: Smaller images load faster than bigger images)

Now that we've created our div for our bottom page fadeout image, now we need to make a new div for our content (text/images/etc:)

#content { position:absolute; top:25px; width:600px; height:100%; margin-left:300px;}

Now #content tells us that "content" is the name of this div.

position:absolute; tells us that our div will just stay put so when we scroll we can see all the contents that'll show past the scrollbar.

top:25px; tells us that our div will go down 25px down from the top.

width:600px; tells us that our div is 600px in width

height:100%; tells us that our div is filling the whole height of our page.

margin-left:300px; this tells us that we've moved our div 300px to the right (if it was negative it'd be left, if you're confused on your X, and Y coordinate planes please read, and look into the Cartesian Coordinate System)

Step 3: The Site
Now while you still have your text document open go to File/New and make a new document, and save that as index.html as now we need to use HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to put down our text, images, links, videos, etc: for our DIV.

So first lets make our header tags, give our site a display name with the title tags, and incorporate our CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) we created so we have everything positioned and that we want as all we have to do is mark everything up.

Site Name: Homepage

Now we need to add our html tags, body tags, and divs.

Whatever's displayed in between the div tags (Make sure the ID is set to the div's name you set it as) like content for example if you just put text there text will show, but it varies from div to div, depending on what you set it's style to in the style sheet.

So here's the code you'd need to finish up this index.html file.

Content text all goes here

Now you can move the index.html file into your web browser and see your simple web layout you created in action.

Step 4: Full Code
Here's the whole code for your style sheet, which should be saved as style.css.

body { font-family:Lucida Grande; font-size:90%;} #content { position:absolute; top:25px; width:600px; height:100%; margin-left:300px;} #bottomfade { position:fixed; left:0px; bottom:0px; width: 100%; height: 200px; z-index: 2; background-color:transparent; background-image:url("bottom-fade.png"); background-repeat:repeat-x; background-position:bottom center;}

Here's the whole code for your index.html file.

Bottom Page Fadeout
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You've now made a simple bottom page fadeout effect for your website, and hopefully you learned some easy, and simple stuff here regarding CSS. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

NOTE: The zip file includes 3 folders "Plain Black", "Plain White", and "Styled Web Layout", you'll also come across a README text document, as well as the screenshot you've seen at the beginning of this tutorial.

The plain white folder just includes the same files as we created in this tutorial as well does the plain black folder as well, just tweaked a bit for text color, background color, and link colors/rollovers.

The Styled Web Layout folder contains the same things as before except positioning is different, another readme text document, JQuery is enabled for a nice rollover effect, and added images for a nice web layout.

You can download the project files for this tutorial on GimpPimp's downloads page.

Don't forget to checkout GimpPimp at GimpPimp.TK, and don't forget to become a fan on out Facebook Fanpage.

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