Cool Venom Webing

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Created Jul 30, 2008
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Who needs Spiderman's webbing anyway??

Ok, simple step by steps:

© Bryan Knowles, 2008 1.Make a new image
2.New Layer, fill it black
3.Hide the original layer
© Bryan Knowles, 2008 4.Goto Filters-Distort-Mosaic, use on top layer
5.Make sure that FG/BG lighting is checked
© Bryan Knowles, 2008 6.Raise the tile spacing to something at least 4.5
7.Go ahead and hit OK. Now goto Filters-Distort-Emboss, I always use the default settings, but you can expirament and tell me what you get. Next, use the fuzzy select tool, click the white space, press ctrl+I (invert selection) and press delete. You some be left with the white part, the body of our webbing.
© Bryan Knowles, 2008 8.Now use Filters-Blur-Gaussian blur, with a radius of about 2px, not much, just gotta spread it out some for this next step.
© Bryan Knowles, 2008 9.Now, heres where I just had to get a picture for, goto Colors-Curves and use a "U" curve like this:
© Bryan Knowles, 2008
© Bryan Knowles, 2008 10.Ok, go back to Emboss and use the same settings.

That should be it, I used it for something like this:
© Bryan Knowles, 2008 © Bryan Knowles, 2008


  1. Sep 10, 2008, ria_anime said:

    cool O.O

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