Creating a Page Curl & A Simple Website Template.

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Created Jun 13, 2008
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Create a page curl for website designs, icons, and more!

I am going to be creating a simple webpage template in which you will learn how to apply a page curl.

Step 1)

Create a new canvas that is 760x700 pixels. The background color/texture is up to you. I used a "carbon fiber" pattern and then applied lighting effects.

Step 2)

Now you must create your paper.

Make a new transparent layer. Select the "Rectangle Selection Tool" and draw a rectangle. Go to Select -> Rounded Rectangle -> Set the radius to 2. Push ok.

Fill the rectangle with #cabfad.

Give your paper some texture. Go up to Filters -> Noise -> HSV Noise. Leave it at the default settings and push ok. You should now have something like this:

Step 3)

It is time to make your curl or fold. Select the "Paths tool". Depending on which corner you want to curl, make a triangle around it. I chose the top left corner - Your path should look like this:

Step 4)

Push enter to activate your path.

Go to Tools -> Transform Tools -> Rotate -> Slide the Angle bar to 180 degrees. Push ok.

Go to your layers window and there should be a "Floating Selection" called "Transformation". Make sure it is highlighted/active and click the "Create New Layer" button to paste/anchor it. The corner will have moved slightly. Position it to it's correct spot.

Let's give it that "3d" look. With the Transformation layer selected, go up to Filters -> Light and Shadow -> Drop Shadow. Change the settings to the following:

Offset X: 5 Offset Y: 0 Blur Radius: 15 Color: Black Opacity: 30

Push Ok. You should have something similar to this:


You now have a basis for a great website template - There are many things you can do to improve the look.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial - Any questions or unclear spots, just ask.


  1. Apr 18, 2012, JonBonning said:

    It's interesting how different Gimp is from the tools I am used to. Namely, Photoshop. Ever since I moved to this new web design agency I have been working more and more with Gimp, as so many of our freelance web designers use it exclusively. Little tips like this always help!

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