Fake HDR -- problems following existing tutorials

Posted by gimpamazing
Created Sep 27, 2009
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Can anyone expand on the jneurock/gimpknowhow tutorial on how to make a photo more vivid - the fake HDR look -- Gimpknowhow has a Mac and only vaguely mentions how to get the dodge and burn script-fu and place it in the proper gimp folder in a PC -- I download it then I can't open it and I don't know where to put it!

No content here -- I merely have a question -- gimpamazing ---nantiernanwebstarts@yahoo.com


  1. Sep 27, 2009, TheJM said:

    Commenting on the tutorial would work too.. ;)

    Anyway, download the script and place it in your scripts folder. In Vista it's C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE.gimp-2.6\scripts, assuming you're using GIMP 2.6. It's something similar to that in XP, although if I remember right, it's a bit harder to find.

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