Getting Around in GIMP - Skin Retouching/Smoothing

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Created Jan 11, 2012
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For incredible results in retouching and smoothing out skin, there is no method more powerful than the Wavelet Decompose plugin for GIMP. This tutorial will show some samples and walk through a workflow for achieving amazing skin on your portraits.

Wavelet decompose allows you to operate on your image in the frequency domain. This means that it is trivial to isolate features in an image for manipulation.

What this means for skin retouching is that you can correct blotchy skin blemishes without destroying the fine details like pores and wrinkles! Or you can modify the pores and wrinkles separately from the rest of the image! This is an unprecedented level of control over the details in an image (especially skin), and this tutorial will show samples of what can be done along with a walkthrough on how to achieve the same results (sample image courtesy Kelly Ealy ): {display2} {display1}

Or this:

{display3} {display4}

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