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Created Jan 21, 2008
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Learn how to create a beautiful gold text effect in the GIMP.

Note: this tutorial has been adapted from this Photoshop tutorial.

Don't wanna read? Watch the video!

Step 1

Create a new image. Give the background a radial gradient in the middle (#4d4932 to #201e1b):

Step 2

Set your foreground color to white and select the text tool. Type your text in the middle of your canvas. Then, making sure your text layer is selected, click "Create Path from Text":

Step 3

Create a new layer above your text layer (I called it "Main"). Hide your text layer. Select the new layer and then Select > From Path (Shift+V).

Step 4

I've created a special Gold gradient. Download and install it by putting it in the "gradients" folder of your GIMP installation. Now switch back to your canvas, and make you sure what you did in step 3 is still intact. Select the gradient tool and choose the "Gold Fill" gradient (the one you just installed).

Download Gold-Fill.ggr

(Right-click, save link as...)

Fill your selection with this linear gradient (bottom to top):

Step 5

Duplicate the "Main" layer (I called it "Outline"). Make sure your text outline is still selected (if not, just Shift+V). Now Select > Shrink by 1px and delete the selection; both the "Delete" key and Ctrl+X work.

Turn up the layer's brightness all the way (Colors > Brightness-Contrast...) and set the blend mode to Overlay:

Re-select the "Main" layer. Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow:

Duplicate your "Main" layer again (leave it above the "Main" layer, below the "Outline" layer). Filters > Distorts > Emboss...

Set this layer's blend mode to Overlay and set its opacity to 50%.



  1. Jan 22, 2008, krisu said:

    Where is download link to Gold gradient? :/

  2. Jan 22, 2008, kasrak said:

    AH! Sorry, I forgot to put the link in. It's there now.

  3. Feb 12, 2008, garyself1949 said:

    Pretty darn amazing. Thank you

  4. May 26, 2008, Schuenemann said:

    This is casino-like art :-) Thanks.

  5. Jul 29, 2008, blackmoondev said:

    this one is pretty good:)

  6. Jan 29, 2009, mamboze said:

    This is a great tutorial. Very clear. I learnt a lot. Thanks :-)

  7. Jan 29, 2009, mamboze said:

    This is a great tutorial. Very clear. I learnt a lot. Thanks :-)

  8. Jan 29, 2009, mamboze said:

    This is a great tutorial. Very clear. I learnt a lot. Thanks :-)

  9. Apr 19, 2009, gimpn00b said:

    I got to step 4, but when I try and fill the text-shape with a gradient, it doesnt work. Does anybody know why?

  10. Apr 28, 2009, Razarex said:

    Awesome man. Great tutorial aswell. Reminds me of the Age of Empires logo...

  11. Sep 18, 2009, cptnedge said:

    The link is not working for the Gold Fill anymore...Ugggggggggg..

  12. Sep 22, 2009, kasrak said:

    Right-click the link and "Save target as"/"Save linked file". It still works.

  13. Sep 30, 2009, Tecboy said:

    Very good tut. But I have to admit, when it comes to step #4 is a bit confusing. You can't just ("right-click save target as") with your gradient file listed, because it's not a ".ggr" file. I actually had to modify a gradient from a pre-installed "gold-fill" to match your image. Otherwise the tut is very helpful and to the point! THANKS!

  14. Oct 10, 2009, kevin said:

    The gradient File has some errors. Open it in the editor and delete two 0 per line so that you have 13 numbers per line. After that it will be shown as described. VERY GOOD TUTORIAL!!!

  15. Mar 23, 2010, tomerbd said:

    How do I import the grr file to gimp?

  16. Mar 23, 2010, dbgriffi said:

    tomerdb: download 3_245_5.ggr and put it in /usr/share/gimp/2.0/gradients open the gradient dialog and click "refresh gradients" (icon on bottom right of the gradients dialog). You should then have a "Gold Fill" gradient.

  17. Jun 23, 2010, kapris said:

    This tutorial is featured on 70 creative Gimp tutorials

  18. Jul 24, 2010, hayley3 said:

    I could've used a little more main problem at first was deselecting the eye to "hide" it...and then unselecting it to merge down the layers...after that it did work but doesn't look like yours..but the letters are gold.

  19. Jul 25, 2010, kasrak said:

    Since some of the steps seem to be unclear, I'm going to try to make a video tutorial for this soon. Hopefully, it'll help.

  20. Jul 27, 2010, kasrak said:

    Video tutorial available:

  21. Sep 11, 2010, foxybrown said:


  22. Dec 4, 2011, janjaycanlas said:

    thanks men.

  23. Jan 6, 2012, old_dog said:

    Great tutorial. I'm working up a series of tutorials on using GAP to animate titles. Do you mind if I use your gold text effect for those titles? I can't do better myself. Due credit in the audio and the credits reel at the end, of course.

  24. Jan 8, 2012, kasrak said:

    Sure, go ahead.

  25. Jan 19, 2012, Mattie47 said:

    Great tutorials...thanx so much makes learning GIMP a lot easier!

  26. Feb 12, 2013, ivantrolaso13 said:

    Soy un trolaso y me gusta el pedaso (trololololo)

  27. Dec 13, 2013, BlindArt said:

    Great tutorial and gradient!

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