How To: Good looking outlined text.

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Created Sep 14, 2009
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Are you frustrated with bad looking text outlines? Are other tutorials fail to please you? Read my tutorial for the best way I have seen to create good looking outlines.

** If you would like to watch the tutorial video, visit **

Step 1•To make our outline text, open a new file. -Be sure to make it Transparent.

Step 2•Select your text tool and create a new text layer. Any font should work. I am using SANS.

Step 3•Right click your text layer and select "Alpha to Selection".

Step 4•Now go to "Select" and choose "Grow". Choose the thickness of your outline.

Step 5•Create a new layer. Use "White" as background, or any color you want your outline to be.

Step 6•Place the layer below the text layer.

Step 7•Now go back to "Select" and choose "Feather". I recommend using +2 from your grow selection.

Step 8•As before, go to "Select" but this time click "Invert" while your outline layer is selected.

Step 9•With your outline layer selected, press "DELETE" or "DEL" on your keyboard.

Step 10•Merge the text and outline layer.

Final Touch•Resize the text to feather it up and add a bit blur.

Notice, due to the site's white background you can not see the outline. Click here to download it

•There you have it, good outline. It will look better on final outcome. Created by Odahilys for Gimpology and AggressionMachinima.

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