Luminosity Masks Revisited

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Created Jan 2, 2014
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Using Luminosity Masks, you can very selectively control which regions of an image that you want to focus on, and can modify only that region specifically

Luminosity masking is a method for generating image masks that are based on the relative lightness of areas in an image.

This allows you to create a mask that is self-feathering and focused on a specific tonal range. This tutorial walk through the method for creating these masks manually in GIMP, as well as including a Script-fu for automatically creating these masks from your images.

For example, here is a set of masks based on increasing levels of lightness, and one based on levels of darkness:

Light Masks Dark Masks

Here is a simple split-tone example using these masks: Split Tone

The mid-tones mask can also be used to really add a nice touch of contrast and slight saturation boost to images as well (see the tutorial for examples).

View the Tutorial →


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