Making screenshots look photographed

Posted by kasrak
Created Jan 27, 2008
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Learn how to make plain screenshots look like they were created with a camera pointed at the screen.

Step 1

Take a screenshot and open it in the GIMP.

I will be using a screenshot of this site: Download Picture 1.png

Step 2

Create a new layer above your background layer and fill it will black. Set its opacity to 20%. Now go to Filters > Distorts > Erase Every Other Row:

Now flatten your image (Image > Flatten Image):

Step 3

Select the Perspective Tool:

Using the Perspective Tool, drag the corners of your layer to make it look something like this:

When you're done, click Transform:

Step 4

Crop your image so none of the transparent background shows through. Select the Rectangle Select Tool and create a selection over your screenshot. Image > Crop to Selection. Viola, you're done!


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