Open Scars, no copy and pasting!

Posted by BryanKnowles
Created Jul 30, 2008
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Tired of looking up a picture of a scar on google for something simple...

Well, heres a way to make our own.

1.Open the image to want to scar-ify
2.Make a new layer, call it "The Scar", and set it to overlay. Select a soft brush about the size of the scar you want and draw where it should be in white.

3.Open up your Curves tool from Colors-Curves, drop the point on the upper right and drop it all the way down. Your scar should disapear. Now add a point in the middle by just clicking, and drag it around to get the right look. Try to keep it low, as too much contrast wont work out so well. The farther right you put it, the wider the opening of the scar, and the darther left the bigger the swelling around the scar.

4.Now add a layer mask to the scar layer, set it black and keep track of where the scar was. Press "N" (peNcil), and reviel it with white. Now switch back to the paintbrush with "P" and press "X" to switch your colors around, making black your FG color. Now color in some soft black to "Erase" the around the scar, trying to get as perfect as you can.

5. Goto Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur, and use a setting around 15 to spead our mask out some. Now press "shift+D" to whip out that dodge/burn tool. Still on the mask, go over the opening of the scar to bring it back some with Dodge, and on the side that light is coming from, use Burn to make that side appear lighter.

6. Set the blending mode of the scar layer to Normal, pick a nice red color, and set the blending mode of our paintbrush to "Color". Now go around the edges of the opening of our scar. After that, set the mode of the Scar Layer back to overlay. If you want a more stronger scar, set the mode to Grain Merge.

Have fun ;P
Oh, and it works great on a desaturated image, just leave out the adding red color step


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