Simple Flames using the smudge tool

Posted by BryanKnowles
Created Jul 30, 2008
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A quick way to make some simple flames

1. Create a new layer called "Flames" and fill it black
2. Goto Filters-Noise-RGB Noise, unselected Independent so that the Noise is monotone, and give it as much as you like
3. Lets spread this out some with Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur, you can vary this for different results, but i suggest around 10px.
4. Now lets give some of that strenght back bying going to Filters-Enhance-Unsharp Mask, and use settings around 30.0 radius, and 10.0 for strenght (again, this can be varied), but leave the treshold at zero. You should end up with some pretty fucky some now, looks cool doesnt it ;p
5.Now goto Filter-Distort-Ripple, and play around with the period, but the amplitude is usually good at default. Now add a layer mask to the Flames layer, and set it to Black, hiding the entire thing.
6. Draw a line in white with the paintbrush wherever you want the base of the flame to be at. Change to the smudge tool (S) and smear the line you just made upward, starting on the line itself. Begin to shape this into your flame. You should still have the flat bottom of the original line, but the top of it "flaming" upward. Now change to a very small hard brush and smear that bottom in a zig-zag motion, giving it a sawtooth like appearance.
7. Now lets smooth it out just a tad, so pull that Gaussian Blur back out and give it just a touch of blur, no more than 5.0px. And there you go, a simple little flame, go ahead and use colorify to give it some color ;p

Heres what i did with mine (aura like flames coming off the shoulders)


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